One Of The Mysterious Robots In Transformers 3

Bulgari has actively cooperated with Hollywood movies in recent years. Whether it is jewelry or watches, it has repeatedly appeared in major movies, the most impressive of which is the 2008 ‘Iron Man’ ( Diagono Phase de Lune moon phase watch worn by Robert Downey Jr. This year, BVLGARI also launched a sports watch series Diagono X-pro watch in cooperation with the global blockbuster blockbuster Transformer 3, which will be played by the leading actor Shia LaBeouf. Wearing and turning into a robot will definitely set off another wave of hot topics !!
 Diagono X-pro312 with many innovative and superior designs and advanced performance, equipped with BVL 312 column wheel chronograph movement specially made for Bvlgari custom, not only can accurately time, but also has time display in three time zones. The two-way safety push-down bezel with 24 hours can be used as the third time zone, and the day / night time zone is displayed in different materials (stainless steel during the day and rubber at night). The bezel is equipped with a highly innovative Bulgari exclusive device, allowing the wearer to easily lock the selected time zone. It can be unlocked by lightly pressing down, and the wearer can adjust it, and the time zone can be displayed without releasing the bezel.

 With a diameter of 45 mm, the Diagono X-Pro case is crafted to the extreme with 104 parts. The case is made of stainless steel, titanium, rubber and diamond-like carbon (DLC). The diamond-like treatment can harden the metal surface and greatly improve the abrasion resistance; the mirror surface is sapphire crystal with scratch-resistant and anti-glare treatment, and the faceplate has large, easy-to-read black, red and white hollow-out fluorescent-treated hands. Not only allows users to easily read the various displays on the surface, strong color contrast, but also adds a low-key sense of luxury and a high degree of practicality.

 The dial of the Diagono X-Pro also has another innovative design, which is designed with ergonomic movable lugs that are seven degrees above and below. This watch easily fits the wrist and brings the best comfort to the wearer. The Diagono X-pro 312 watch with various advanced and excellent performances, naturally, comfortable and lightweight on the wrist, has naturally become one of the mysterious robots in the movie ‘Transformers 3’, showing Bulgari’s watchmaking Extraordinary technology and strong strength in the process!