On the afternoon of September 22, the crowds in Guangzhou Zhengjia Plaza were crowded. Oris Watches of Switzerland joined hands with Guangzhou Friendship Store to host the Mid-Autumn Festival watch exhibition. The famous jazz band ‘Full Band’ was invited to perform on the scene, and there was a detailed explanation by the beauty radio host Lin Lin, so that audiences can enjoy the charm of jazz and feel the incomparable relationship between Oris and jazz, and find its unique value . Oris’s latest limited edition jazz watch also shines with strong jazz accompaniment. The 6-day watch exhibition will last until September 27th. If you are interested in Oris watches, you must come to the scene to see it, because many experts in the watch industry have already seen it first.
Crowds at the show
    At this Mid-Autumn Festival, the audience was able to admire several Oris classics and limited editions at close range. In the transparent showcase, every aspect of them was a perfect temptation, which made people want to stop. Every crisp ticking sound in the ear is a peerless note, just want to be in the bag immediately. The show’s grand event soon attracted more people to visit by word of mouth, and the high standard of Oris exhibits did not live up to the enthusiasm of the audience.
    In 1985, long before mechanical watches took the world by storm, Oris focused on the development and manufacture of high-precision mechanical watches. For more than 100 years, Oris has always stood before the world as a practitioner of high-precision watchmaking, and carefully crafted watches by hand, dedicated to watch fans who are keen on mechanical movements and pursuing extreme and eternal value. I hope that the four series of watches of racing, diving, flying, and culture can meet the high expectations of watch fans around the world, and turn them into precise and low-key mechanical watches that are sold to the world, and go to watch fans’ favorite appointments.
New limited edition models
    With the help of the live band ‘Full Band’, Oris also released a limited edition of Oris Chet Baker. On top of the traditional and exquisite watch features, a seemingly complex musical score is added to express the inexpressible philosophy of time. The dial reflects the musical theme. The black corrugated dial provides a good background for the first bar of Chet Baker’s masterpiece ‘My Lovely Lover.’ The indicator scale of the watch is the bar line of the music, a beautiful clef at 12 o’clock, and the double bar at 8 o’clock indicates the 8 bars that the music repeats all the time. The shape is smooth. The back cover is engraved with images of shells and trumpet. The limited production is 1929-the year of Baker’s birth. The black leather strap is printed with a crocodile pattern, and the stainless steel folding buckle ensures the comfort of the wearer, and also allows them to carry the music of the shell in a special and intimate way. The watch box contains a mechanical brake metronome, which forms the perfect set with the watch.
    Musical instruments to music masters are just like clocks to watchmaking masters. Two extreme perfect artistic expressions have allowed Oris, who insists on using traditional Swiss craftsmanship to create a truly perfect model of mechanical watches. Over the past ten years, Oris has successively produced 13 limited edition watches dedicated to outstanding masters of music. This limited edition dedicated to multi-ethnic musician Chet Baker once again reflects Oris’s musical talents.