Montblanc Double Balance 1000 Chronograph Introduction

The most prominent timing: Montblanc TimeWriterII double balance 1000 chronograph
In the field of clock technology, if a mechanical chronograph is to calculate 1/1000 second, the balance frequency must reach 3.6 million times per hour (500 Hz). This watch has a 1/1000 second timing function, but its timekeeping The balance frequency is only 50 Hz. The central hour and minute hands display the standard time; the crystal glass turntable at 9 o’clock with a fixed triangle mark indicating the seconds; the small balance wheel of the timing system can be seen at 10:30; the central red chronograph second hand makes one revolution per second, together with The scale on the outer edge indicates the unit of 1/100 second; the 6 o’clock timer has two hands, the long red-pointed hand indicates the time from 1 to 60 seconds, and the short full red pointer indicates the accumulated time of up to 15 minutes; 3 The time window has the power reserve display of the chronograph system; as long as the button above the 12 o’clock position in the middle of the lug is pressed, the chronograph program starts: the central red chronograph second hand makes one revolution per second and pushes the two hands of the 6:00 timer The cumulative time is displayed. The red pointer of the chronograph power reserve moves upwards. The red triangle mark at 12 o’clock keeps pointing at N. Press the timer button again to stop the timing and you can read the cumulative timing data: The short hand shows minutes, the long hand shows seconds, the central chronograph second hand indicates hundredths of a second, and the red triangle mark at 12 o’clock shows thousandths of a second. The process is simple, clear and straightforward, without additional calculations. Montblanc has registered a patent for this innovative technology. As long as the crown is rotated clockwise, the mainspring of the movement can be wound with a power reserve of about 100 hours. Turning the crown counterclockwise can be wound by an independent timing system. The power can exceed 45 minutes. .