Smart Age Real Hublot Big Bang 2018 Russia World Cup Referee Watch

This year’s World Cup Hublot is its partner. To this end, Hublot specially launched a Hublot smart watch at the Basel Watch Fair, Hublot Big Bang 2018 Russia The World Cup referee watches are limited to 2018 pieces and will be available at Hublot stores from May 1, 2018. It is not only a football watch, but also the official FIFA watch.

   The watch is preset with 32 exclusive dials for the World Cup finals team and is equipped with a variety of reminder functions, including 15 minutes before the match, red and yellow card penalties, player replacement and goals. When a goal is scored, the watch immediately vibrates and displays ‘GOAL’. During the game, the dial can also display a lot of game data, including scores, number of red and yellow cards, the name of the player who scored, the player’s replacement situation, and the time of the game.

   The digital design gives this special edition BigBang watch more flexibility and richer functions. The watch comes with 32 color dials and two regular dials. The design of the color dial is inspired by the colors of the flags of the participating countries. The time display function can be selected from the analog hand display and digital display.

   The watch is equipped with a sports sponge sleeve strap with the 2018 FIFA World Cup logo and an engraved black natural rubber strap. The ‘one-touch’ quick-change strap system on the watch body makes it easy to change the strap.

   At the same time, the watch collection gift box also prepared an exclusive strap for each fan for the corresponding national team representative color. Football enthusiasts who follow the game can swipe or touch the dial to follow the match information of supported or opponent teams.

   The watch features a classic Big Bang design with a 49mm case, including the iconic silhouette of lightweight titanium, 6 H-shaped screws on the bezel, and a Kevlar sandwich.

   Multi-layer case module.

   The Big Bang Russia World Cup 2018 referee watch uses Android (Android) system, in addition to its own preset event-related functions, it also supports thousands of downloadable applications. This smart watch can be equipped with a mobile phone suitable for Android 4.3 and above, or iOS 10.5.9 and above, using a contact charging system.

   In all competitions of this World Cup, referees will wear Big Bang Russia World Cup referee watches in law enforcement competitions and use smart technology from Hublot. The watch used by the referees has all the functions of the 2018 limited edition watches for sale. It will also be associated with the door line technology. This technology relies on the electronic video assist system to track the entire trajectory of the football to help the referee determine whether the football has completely passed Goal line.
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