Harry Winston-midnight Collection Midnight Collection

Designed for men and women who insist on an elegant lifestyle, the new Harry Winston Midnight Midnight collection reflects the watchmakers’ clear design and Questioning modernity focuses on the elements and enhances the character of each creation.

From left to right: Midnight 39mm, Midnight automatic, Midnight big date function

Winston’s Midnight Lady’s Midnight watch is available in a rose or white gold case. It is available in a medium size of 32 mm and a large size of 39 mm. Each comes in a gorgeous version and a simple version with diamonds.
The watch is exquisite and elegant, it is the best accessory for ladies.
The Winston Midnight Midnight Men’s Watch Edition features a 42 mm diameter case and is also crafted in classic white or rose gold.
Winston Harry Winston Midnight midnight series automatic models and Winston Harry Winston Midnight midnight series large date function watches are also equipped with automatic movement, date display at 6 o’clock.


Portuguese Series Annual Calendar Watch

The new IWC Portuguese calendar watch combines two brand new works and three masterpieces of advanced watchmaking technology: the newly developed annual calendar fills the gap between the perpetual calendar and the simple date display. This new function is driven by a newly developed IWC 52850 homemade movement with two barrels, which is powerful and can provide enough energy for the watch’s seven-day power reserve.

 IWC continues to introduce new and stunning complication features to the IWC Portuguese watch series. From the minute repeater (1995), the seven-day power reserve (2000), the perpetual calendar (2003), the flying tourbillon (2004) to the constant-power tourbillon (2011), and the latest eight days Power reserve manual winding movement (2013), IWC Portugal series leading the field of fine watch even more prominent.

 2015 is the year of the IWC Portuguese series. The newly-developed IWC calendar has made a grand debut, adding a very attractive additional feature to the Portuguese series. This function is driven by the new IWC 52850 homemade movement. The almanac and the new movement were first included in the IWC Portuguese calendar (model: 5035). This watch also announced the beginning of the IWC home-made movement project. In the next few years, the brand will launch more home-made movement series.

 The annual calendar of the IWC Portuguese series is located on the dial at ’12 o’clock’, with three separate semi-circular windows showing the month, date and week. Its switching mechanism has automatically taken into account the different days of each month. Unlike the perpetual calendar, the calendar does not take into account the number of days in February, nor does it take into account the effects of leap years. Therefore, manual adjustment is required at the end of February every year. During the development of the calendar module, IWC designers did everything they could to make adjustments easy—just pass the crown. The resourceful engineers abandoned the adjustment button through this clever design solution, so as to perfectly present the simple and beautiful design of the IWC Portuguese calendar watch.

 To make the date display more eye-catching, the watch designers set three display windows between the scale of 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock. This ‘American’ date arrangement is not only related to technology and design, but also to honor the founder of IWC-Mr. F. A. Jones from the United States. The IWC Portuguese Annual Calendar watch has a large 44.2 mm case, a grooved bezel, a classic rail-type minute ring, slim leaf-shaped hands and almost unchanged Arabic numerals. A model-the first Portuguese watches were almost exactly the same, only the small seconds dial was no longer at the original ‘6 o’clock’ position, but was set at the ‘9 o’clock’ position. The power reserve display can be read at the ‘3 o’clock’ position. The self-made movement with a seven-day power reserve marks another technological breakthrough in the history of the Portuguese watch series of IWC. The rare combination of an annual calendar and a 168-hour power reserve in-house movement makes this latest complex watch by IWC an irresistible watch watchmaker.

 IWC Portuguese series calendars are available in different styles: 18K red gold models with silver-plated dials (model: IW503504); stainless steel models with silver-plated dials (model: IW503501) or night blue dials (model: IW503502). On the blue dial, exquisite sunlight decoration flashes light and shadow under the light. All models come with a black Santoni alligator strap. The sapphire glass with arched edges makes the case look slimmer, highlighting the classic elegance of the watch. The curved lugs are more comfortable to wear, and they are also suitable for slim wrists. Through the transparent sapphire glass back of the watch, you can see the exquisite structure of the new 52850 homemade movement. In the new 52000 movement series, the oscillating weight is more delicate, the bridge plate is more transparent, and the engraved ‘Probus Scafusia’ (meaning ‘extraordinary technology and superb craftsmanship from Schaffhausen’ ‘) In solid gold. In this way, more details of the movement with a dual barrel are presented in front of people. The improved Pellerton winding system is also clearly visible. The system uses parts made of black and white ceramic materials to operate with almost no wear.
 The designers of IWC have spent nearly five years researching and developing the calendar. Unlike the R & D perpetual calendar, the brand does not have its own experience in the development of this function. The new 52850 self-made caliber is the perfect choice for an annual calendar watch, because it uses the power of its two barrels to provide more torque to drive three display discs. In addition, after winding, the dual barrel can provide enough energy for the watch’s power reserve for up to seven days.

For interested technical enthusiasts, in simple terms, the operating principle of the annual calendar function is as follows: the hour wheel pushes the date advance wheel. One is responsible for advancing the week display. At midnight every day, the advancement pointer on the top can be used to advance the date. The month display and the setting wheel that determines the length of days in different months are controlled by two pins in the date display panel. The first pin on the display panel pushes the setting wheel to rotate one space. A stylus on the advance lever identifies a 30-day month with a deeper notch on the setting wheel, setting a longer date advance route for it. On the 1st of the following month, the pusher made sure that the date was advanced from 30th for 2 days. The new month is set by a second pin on the date display.
 The five-year-long R & D was successful. The IWC Portuguese Annual Calendar watch once again confirms the brand’s innovation and fine watchmaking expertise, and adds a fascinating and practical addition to the IWC’s family of complication watches.


Seiko Seiko Sponsors 2011 European Sailing Championships

The 29erXX regatta is the ‘sister’ of the 49er regatta and the fastest regatta for women. This fast-growing level of competition is close to the Olympic certification and continues to attract more and more female sailors worldwide. The third 29erXX European Sailing Championships, which will be held on July 27-30, representing the fleets of five countries, will try their hand at the waters of Travemünde, Germany.

The champion and runner-up were awarded Seiko Velatura Chronographs.

SEIKO Seiko has been the main sponsor of the international 29erXX level association since 2009. Through this sponsorship agreement, SEIKO Seiko has increased its sponsorship of women’s most advanced sailing events, and fully supported the new generation of athletes to participate in the 29erXX Regatta from funds and equipment to help the association grow and develop the sport.
Velatura is a watch series developed by SEIKO after communicating with some of the world’s top sailing athletes. It is a professional high-performance marine watch. Velatura series watches have become the best choice for first-class players in the fastest sailing events such as the Olympics .

The Velatura Chronograph SNDY66 watch awarded to the winner at Travemünde.
Original source: www.seikowatches.com


Asia’s Largest Omega Clock Officially Appeared In Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Bell Tower

February 13, 2015, Beijing-Asia’s largest OMEGA clock officially debuted in Beijing’s landmark Wangfujing Department Store. As the largest Omega clock in Asia to date, it has attracted the attention of many tourists as soon as it debuted. At this point, Wangfujing Street, which is located in the most prosperous area of ​​Beijing, will be faithfully recorded every inch of time by the Omega Clock, and Omega’s long history will be passed to every corner of this ‘Golden Street’ with the melodious bells of this clock tower.

  The largest Omega clock in Asia, the clock face diameter is about 7.9 meters, the minute and hour hands are 3 meters and 2.15 meters, respectively. There are a total of 4 clock faces, each weighing 4 tons, which is still clearly visible from a hundred meters away. The clock on all sides of the belfry is the same design as the constellation series of Omega’s prestigious watch. The iconic ‘claw’ on the gold bezel is unique and eye-catching. The white dial with LED backlight displays the time easily at night .

  With the acceleration of Beijing’s globalization, Wangfujing Department Store, which is a traditional landmark building, is also increasingly raising its international standard. Therefore, among the many brands, they have chosen to cooperate with Omega, the top Swiss watchmaker with a history of 166 years. Since the construction of the Omega clock on November 15 last year, it took nearly 3 months to complete the installation.

  Since the birth of the Omega Constellation Watch in 1952, it has been known for its noble, elegant, subtle and euphemistic design. It perfectly integrates industry-leading mechanical technology and exquisite design style, which is very distinctive. Today, Omega gives the classic design of the constellation series to the Wangfujing department store clock, while the endless crowd can feel the unique charm of the Omega clock in Wangfujing, while listening to the Westminster bell sounding on time. The Westminster Bell is a piece of timepiece used by the Big Ben clock of the Palace of Westminster in London, UK. It originally originated from the Church of St. Mary the Great in Cambridge and was used as an international timepiece for its highly recognizable melody. music.

  Against the backdrop of melodious bells and towering bell towers, the flagship store of Omega Wangfujing Department Store is like a palace for appreciation and purchase of watches. With this profound cultural and commercial center, the flagship store will pass the full range of Omega products and rich brand connotations to more watch enthusiasts and watch collectors. It will also inject this historic and well-known business district Brilliant.

  Omega Beijing Wangfujing Department Store flagship store

  Omega Beijing Wangfujing Department Store’s flagship store adhering to Omega’s global unified design philosophy and decoration style. The store’s display is simple and elegant, with soft and comfortable lighting tones. The store is full of extraordinary watch models: the noble and elegant constellation series, the hippocampus series that combines elegance and sportiness, the simple and fashionable disc flying series, the once astronaut who traveled to space with the American astronaut, and experienced extreme challenges. You can buy Super Speed ​​series here. Omega luxury jewelry series and luxury leather goods series are also available in this flagship store. The professionally trained Omega shopping guides, for each product line, such as several treasures, enthusiastically share Omega stories and knowledge with guests, and carefully accompany guests to choose the watch models they love.


2014 Baselworld Preview Of Baselworld – Girard-perregaux Girard-perregaux Tourbillon

The Basel Clock & Watch Fair will officially open on March 27. Girard Perregaux reinterprets ancient traditions with a new method, launches a new three-bridge tourbillon watch, and announces the classic tourbillon into the design and A new era of three-dimensional mechanical construction.

Girard Perregaux has improved the traditional three-bridge tourbillon watch. The sturdy and novel structure and rules of the watch have been retained. The design of the three-bridge bridge, the shape of the mirror and the interior have been completely redesigned Movement.
The new three-bridge tourbillon watch adopts new rules, showing atmospheric and three-dimensional effects in the slightest. The three bridge plywood is made of titanium, sandblasted and coated with black PVD coating. The cut and structure are also completely different from the previous ones. Hollow out processing makes them appear lighter, while the tough lines create a perfect and balanced visual effect. Viewed from above, it can be seen that both sides of the three bridge plywood are slightly oval, as are the hollow hands. The three bridge plywood is fixed on two vertical axes connected to the bottom plate to form a slope. The bottom plate is anthracite-colored ruthenium-plated and then sandblasted, and its gray appearance contrasts with the black bridge plate.

The watch is equipped with a redesigned GP09400-0001 movement. Its size is larger than before. It uses a symmetrical design. The wheel train is arranged neatly. The tourbillon frame is set at 6 o’clock and the micro pendulum is installed below the barrel Tuo. The tourbillon frame follows Girard-Perregaux’s original lyre shape design and is made of titanium. Equipped with high-end watch decoration effects such as grooves and chamfered edges. This tourbillon contains 80 parts, but its total weight is only 0.25 grams.


Underwater Overlord Brief Review Of Athens Black Sea Diving Chronograph Watch

The Athens watch, founded in 1846, is well-known for producing astronomical clocks. With its superb production strength, it is able to shuttle between perfect combination of creativity and quality. The Black Sea Diving Chronograph introduced this time uses an oversized diameter of 45.8, which also provides a better premise for the large element design on the dial. Then follow the article and feel the deep sea breath brought to us by the Black Sea Chronograph. The official number for the red hour-marker model is 263-92-3C, and the official number for the yellow hour-marker model is 263-92-3C / 924.

   The two watches are the same except for the difference in color. The bright yellow and blinking red are in sharp contrast with the black watch. In order to better let everyone understand this watch We have sealed a functional explanation for you.

  From the figure, we can intuitively see the power reserve display at 12 o’clock and the small seconds dial and date display window at 6 o’clock. All elements on the dial are designed in large size, which is convenient for the wearer to be underwater. Reading time, one-way reverse diving chronograph bezel gives it better security in use.

Athens Black Sea Diving Chronograph Watch-Appearance:

    There are two options for the Black Sea watch launched by Athens this time, which are red and yellow. The diameter of the black stainless steel case is 45.8 mm. Such a diameter can be regarded as an oversized watch, which is far from ordinary people’s control. At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is a power reserve indicator, while at 6 o’clock there is an oversized second hand and a date window. Equipped with a unidirectional reversing diving chronograph bezel, no matter the choice of materials and color design, it exudes the typical charm of a marine diving watch. The watch is waterproof to 200 meters.

   The watch’s case is made of specially treated stainless steel, and after a complex Vulcanization Process, its surface is covered with a matte black rubber coating. Athens uses a special treatment to maximize the material of the case.

   The entire dial and bezel are decorated with Athens’s signature ocean wave shading, while the hour markers and hands are boldly red and yellow. These two colors are in sharp contrast with black watches, and it seems that this is also for easier time reading. The small dial at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock is threaded to distinguish it from the whole.

   The back of the case is designed to be transparent so that the UN-26 self-winding movement is clearly visible, and the crown is a screw-in crown, which provides better protection for waterproof performance.

   The Athens Black Sea watch features a black rubber sports strap with black ceramic elements and a titanium (PVD-coated) folding clasp.

Athens Black Sea Diving Chronograph-Features:

   Although this diving chronograph does not have the traditional chronograph function, it can be used to dive diving through the unidirectional reverse chronograph bezel. This design is very common in diving watches.

  The small seconds dial at 12 o’clock is a power reserve display dial. Unlike the wave design of the dial, the small dial uses a threaded surface. At the same time, when the watch is fully loaded, the red luminous material on the outer circle of the small dial will prompt the wearer to change Fully loaded, this thoughtful design makes the user really convenient.

  The six o’clock position of the watch is a small seconds dial, which is also threaded, and is also equipped with a date display window for bubble readings. Almost all elements have a large design, just for the divers to read better Take time.

Athens Black Sea Diving Chronograph Watch-Movement:

   This watch is equipped with a UN-26 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The basic movement of this watch is ETA 2892-2.

Summary: The Black Sea chronograph watch in Athens is expected to sell for around RMB 60,000. Although there are no overly complicated functions, the absolute front-line brand influence and the outstanding achievements in marine watches also make it both price and craftsmanship It’s a masterpiece. Personally, the appearance and functional design of this watch determines that he will become a favorite style of water sports professionals. Coupled with the more affordable price, I believe that it will gain a good market response.

Details of the red hour markers of the Athens Black Sea Chronograph:
yadian / 14165 /

Details of the Athens Black Sea Chronograph yellow hour markers:
yadian / 24118 /


Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards Announces The List Of 72 Finalists In 2017

On September 1, 2017, the official website of GPHG (Geneva Haute Horlogerie) announced the list of 72 timepieces that had passed pre-selection. An international jury composed of 28 industry experts (note: watch expert and former curator of the International Clock and Watch Museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Ludwig Okering as a consultant, not participating in the vote) selected 72 of the 181 participating timepieces (12 categories, 6 in each category), entered the final stage, and won the highest honor in the watchmaking industry-the Aiguille d’Or. Unfortunately, those who participated in the selection of the ‘best tourbillon watch’ Beijing Qianfeng series BG080102 watch failed to go further.

   From October 2nd to 4th, 72 pre-selected timepieces will make their debut at Palazzo Cleridge Palace in Milan. Since then, these watches will fly to Mexico City, Taipei, Geneva, and Dubai for global tours. GPHG is known as the ‘Oscar’ of the watch industry. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been the 17th session. On November 8, local time, the 2017 GPHG Awards Ceremony will be held at the Léman Theatre in Geneva.
List of 72 finalist watches (12 categories, 6 in each category)
Best Ladies’Watch



Best Ladies’High-Mech


Best Men’s Watch (Men’s)


Best Chronograph


Best Tourbillon & Escapment


Best Perpetual Calendar (Calendar)


Best Travel Time


The best mechanical innovation table (Mechanical Exception)?


Small Pointer Award (Petite Aiguille)


Best Sports Watch (Sports)?


Best Jewellery


The best craft table (Artistic Crafts)?


29mm Ladies Diamond Watch Longines Jialan Series Ladies Quartz Watch Appreciation

Elegant Longines has never been lazy in the design of women’s watches, because women’s watches under its brand are the most elegant style models in the world. I don’t know how much you know about the Jialan series, or you are already familiar with it. The Jialan series is the ‘fighter’ in the Longines women’s watch, and its elegance has captivated countless admirers. Today, I will dedicate a deep blue diamond dial female watch for everyone.
 Longines Jialan Series L4.308.0.97.6 Watch

 The Jialan series is definitely the best example of Longines’ elegance. Whether it is a male or female watch, it reflects the essence of the Longines brand. The Longines Jialan series diamond-studded L4.308.0.97.6 watch has an elegant and classic appearance. From the beautiful diamonds, from the simple design, to the wild and durable stainless steel materials, this watch can be seen as fresh and refined. The Longines Jialan Diamond L4.308.0.97.6 watch is made of stainless steel as a whole, which is sturdy and wear-resistant. The case and bracelet are connected in a unique way, simple and elegant. The round dial, with a size of 29 mm, is perfect for women’s wrists. The bezel is set with two densely packed diamonds, which are particularly dazzling and bright.

 The dial is dark blue with 12 diamonds on it as a time marker, like a sparkling star in the vast night sky. The simple disk layout uses only two pointers, hour and minute, and a flying wing hourglass that symbolizes Longines’ classic. It has a simple and stylish beauty. From the side we can see that this watch is quite thin, more suitable for ladies, and beautiful in time.
 To sum up: This watch further enhances the noble temperament of the watch through two circles of delicate diamonds on the elegant appearance. The 12 diamond-embossed hour markers are also one of its design highlights. The blue dial in the stainless steel body also makes the watch more mysterious, which also reflects the mysterious beauty pursued by women.
 Watch details reference: longines / 29954 /


The New ‘omega Planet’ Global Tour Will Start In Shanghai Glory

On April 27, 2019, the new ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition will be launched in the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition will show the essence of the world-renowned watchmaking brand OMEGA from a unique perspective. Visitors can fully explore Omega’s proud history, inexhaustible passion for innovative watchmaking technology, and important partners of the brand. Wait.

 Since its establishment in 1848, Omega has led the development of the professional watchmaking industry for more than 170 years. The brand has always been adhering to the pioneering spirit, constantly pushing the limits of precision, and participating in and witnessing many important moments in human history.

 Omega Legends originated from a watchmaking workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The brand is committed to creating accurate and reliable timepieces and quickly gained popularity in the watchmaking industry. In the middle of the 20th century, Omega achieved brilliant achievements in space exploration, ocean exploration, and Olympic timekeeping. In 1969, the Omega Speedmaster became the first watch worn by astronauts on the moon, and has witnessed six successful moon landings by humans so far.

 And this is just the beginning of the Omega legend. The precious historical heritage of the brand has laid a solid foundation for today’s exquisite watchmaking technology. Omega always adheres to the unremitting pursuit of precision, continuously develops industry-leading materials and processes, raises industry standards, and creates timepieces that combine precision quality, antimagnetic performance and aesthetic design.

 The new ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition includes seven major themes including event timing, space exploration, timeless charm, precision quality, marine adventure, James Bond (007) and historical heritage. Each theme exhibition area will focus on the famous Omega timepieces. Zhenpin, and the wonderful stories behind these works.

 The exhibition is open to the public from April 27 to May 12, and will be toured around the world in the coming years. Omega invites you on a journey of discovery to discover the best of wrists that define time.


The Life Of Light And Shadow The Legend Of Cartier Attends The Film Festival With The Stars

Recently, two major film festivals-San Marino Film Festival and Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Ceremony have ended. The carnival of film art lights up the night of light and shadow, and also witnesses the shining stars of Chinese filmmakers. Accompanied by Cartier jewelry, watches, Andy Lau, Cheung Man Yuk, Lin Qingxia, Zhao Tao and other movie stars gloriously appeared on two red carpets.
The just-concluded 50th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Ceremony is of great significance. The award-winning filmmakers and filmmakers gathered together to celebrate the ceremony. Time is so kind to those peerless beauties, each round of spring and autumn is just to extend the years for their beauty. At the ceremony, the famous movie star Zhang Manyu wore a long dress with embroidery gown. On the red carpet, the pure diamonds on the wrists of his neck seemed to reflect the clever smiling look; the fiery red skirt stopped With countless fans’ eyes, the legendary actress Lin Qingxia showed the refinement and gift of time with grace and grace; the queen of the movie world, Carina Lau, showed the noble beauty of women in elegant dress and jewelry. Beyond all the shadows, the pure and elegant Guilun Magnesium unveiled a unique style of young actresses in a pure white dress. Against the backdrop of Cartier’s fine jewellery, simplicity and cold beauty blend perfectly into the unique temperament of this film noble. The chairman of the last Golden Horse Awards jury and legendary movie star Andy Lau also attended the event. The Tank MC watch on his wrist told his never-ending professional pursuit and creed of life. In the company of Cartier, Dillon, who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor, also attended the red carpet ceremony with his wife Tao Minming that night.
Not long ago, the San Marino Film Festival ended successfully in Italy. Chinese actress Zhao Tao was awarded the highest artistic achievement award of the film festival, the Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award, and gained a milestone in the life of performing arts in the attention of the audience. From the debut film ‘Platform’ to the Italian film ‘I’m Li’, Zhao Tao has successfully performed many shocking and attractive female images, and she has analyzed and grasped the rich inner heart of women and the unremitting pursuit of film art. Has created the success of his acting career. That night, Zhao Tao attended the awards ceremony with a royal blue lace dress with Cartier Paris new wave series rings and earrings. Pure jewellery perfectly combined the femininity and skill of women with geometric shapes, just like countless screen women created by Zhao Tao Image.